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Online Galleries: International Art Gallery

InternationalArtGallery.org was established in the Czech Republic in a small town of Lazne Belohrad near the highest Czech mountain range Krkonose in the second half of the year 2008.

Our vision for the future is to create the widest on-line art gallery which will be able to support artists from all continents and give the best of them the opportunity to present their work at international exhibitions and auctions. We do not want to forget to support various trusts for the ill, poor and lonely. International art gallery.org does not provide any warranty deeds to the presented information, photographs and videorecordings....MORE

Online Galleries: Premeir Gallery

Premier Gallery is an online gallery for artists and photographers to showcase their work. It allows art lovers and print collectors to view our wide ranging galleries exhibited by upcoming and established artists and photographers. Our aim is to transform the way artists and photographers relate to potential customers.

Premier Gallery allows artists and photographers from around the world to post examples of their work on the website and provide a description of their background and inspirations. Each contributing artist or photographer may be contacted directly using the contact form in their personal gallery....MORE